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A large number of residents have moved to Lexington just to take advantage of the excellent school system offered here. Lester Savage is your Lexington MA real estate agent, who has committed himself to finding you homes for sale near the school you want your children to attend. He can help you find homes for sale in Lexington near elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, and near both public and private schools.

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Public Elementary Schools

Public Middle Schools

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Private Schools

The school system in Lexington MA believes that poorly thought out homework assignments for students rarely contribute to any retention of knowledge about a particular subject material. Teachers in Lexington are continually striving to assign work to students that will broaden their mindset, and that will put their knowledge to the test to maximize their learning potential. If the current school system in Lexington is any indication about where the city is headed, then you’re in for a real treat.

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Each school also offers a variety of educational, and fun, extracurricular activities to peak the interest of your children, and to keep them engaged in higher learning opportunities. If your children like to play sports, then each school has a great selection of after-school sports that will prove to be fun-filled, and extremely rewarding. Contact Lester Savage today for more information about which homes fall within each school’s district, and to find a great new place to call home in Lexington MA.

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